About PBJFlorida

The idea to create a tool to communicate and connect the needs of our respective organizations, schools, and places of worship started with five lay Muslim, Jewish, and Christian friends, and quickly expanded to nearly fifty more friends which include Buddhists, Hindus, Agnostics, and Atheists. Less than six months after original concept, the original website was launched to serve the needs of the poor, oppressed, and disadvantaged. We are a network of activists who are determined to encourage diversity and build peace, equity, and justice in our local communities, state, nation, and throughout the world through effective web based communication and education. We are Peace Builders and Justice of Florida!

Our Mission is to facilitate communication and interaction between groups committed to building bridges for peace, diversity, and justice.

Our strategic Vision is built upon the understanding that peace cannot emerge without justice. Therefore, we are determined to consistently speak truth to power and privilege, also understanding that "power concedes nothing without a demand." We will defy, resist, and demand for the poor, marginalized, persecuted, and oppressed, until all are fed, clothed, respected, and liberated.