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Organize, agitate, educate, must be our war cry.
— Susan B. Anthony

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Announcements and Local Events:

-We're excited to share that HOME has been selected as a finalist for a $25,000 prize from the State Farm Neighborhood Assist? program. HOME was one of 200 finalists selected from over 3000 entrants by the State Farm Youth Advisory® Board. Forty organizations will be voted on by the public to receive this money.

Starting today, April 4, you can vote up to 10 times a day to help HOME receive the prize and help young victims of human trafficking in the Orlando area.

Please vote here for HOME: https://www.state-assist.com/cause/3474/child-sexual-exploitation

Thanks for your vote and for your continuing support of HOME's mission to give survivors of human trafficking a chance to thrive.

Thank you!!!

Mónica Méndez, PhD
House of Mentoring & Empowerment
P.O. Box 555100
Orlando, FL 32855
Email: monica.mendez@homefl.org

- Sr Helen Prejean author of Dead Man Walking,  will be speaking at 7PM, Tuesday May 21, at Holy Family Church, 5125 S. Apopka-Vineland Rd as a closing to the 32nd Annual National Convocation of Jail & Prison Ministry, hosted by the Diocesan Council of Society of St. Vincent de Paul. For more info call: 407 841 3869.

-We hope you will attend this celebratory gathering on Wednesday, April 10, 2013 from 5 to 7 p.m. in the Rotunda at City Hall.  Mayor Buddy Dyer will speak at the event to commemorate National Volunteer Month.   Contact Orlando Downtown City Hall for more information.

Our guest list includes directors and chief executive officers, activists, board members, volunteers of every description, including you, whom we believe embody the spirit of National Volunteer Month celebrated all over the country in April.  Although it would be impossible to list or invite everyone who gives joyfully of time and talent, all who serve this community as volunteers are welcome to attend as space allows.  Please come, represent yourself and your organization’s efforts to make Orlando the caring and compassionate, vibrant place that it is.  Let us acknowledge together the spirit of voluntarism that makes us stronger than the sum of our parts. 

Harvey Massey of Massey Services, one of Orlando’s great leaders and philanthropists, is a benefactor of a “giving back” initiative that will be announced.  His wisdom and generosity in this and in many things are a shining example of what we will be celebrating.

We encourage you to attend and rsvp if you can.   Space in the rotunda is limited and the list of caring, thoughtful individuals who contribute to our community is endless.

Thank you for all you do. 

Mary Anne Hodel
Library Director/CEO

Paid Parking for the event at City Commons Parking Garage on Boone Avenue between South and Anderson Street, west of City Hall. 

-Join us at the Amnesty International Florida state meeting on April 13th and 14th, being held at The University of Florida! During this awesome day of learning and empowerment, we will be focusing on the Death Penalty, Immigration, and training and skill building for our youth! Our Death Penalty panel will include speakers from FADP, ACLU and two recent Florida Death Row exonerees, Herman Lindsey, and Seth Penalver. We will also have the founder, and two members of CHISPAS. CHISPAS is the only student run organization in Florida that specifically serves immigrants in the Gainesville area, and focuses on "sparking" change in the immigrant community.  This event is open to all who want to make positive change in the world. Sunday is dedicated to our youth activist! It will be an afternoon filled with skill building workshops, brainstorming, and fun! Lunch will be provided on both days, please register  by April 10th at http://ufamnesty.wix.com/ufamnesty#!donate/c1ghi. If you would like to pay at the conference, you will have that ability, however, we still need you to register via email so that we can gather a proper count for lunch. We look forward to seeing you there!

AIUSA events: http://www.amnestyusa.org/events/florida-state-meeting-and-youth-training
FB: https://www.facebook.com/messages/conversation-id.573932702619592#!/events/205175566291689/

Sincerely the AIUSA Florida State planning team,

Ebony Brickhouse (Field Organizer)
Alicia Koutsoulieris (Area Coordinator for Northern and Central Florida)
Chealsye Bowley (Student Activist Coordinator for Northern and Central Florida)
Chelsea Wilkinson & Carolina Novoa (Hosts of the State meeting, & member leaders of the UF Student Group)

-Brothers and Sisters,

 Rick Scott put a hold (temporary) on the execution of Paul Howell. Even the governor is having second thoughts!

Those of us on this path see the injustice of the legal system that sends so many to Death Row and later realizes it failed to prove its case. The failure is seen in the number of exonerations. Florida as more failures than any other state.  People's lives are taken whether by years in prison or the killing chamber.   

-We want to educate people because when people know the truth about the system, they will  see the need to halt the death penalty until it has been studied.  Many are working for this cause:  here are some good people you might know who have worked to halt Florida's executions.  Joe Durocher was Public Defender for Orange County for 25 years. Rita Lucey, Miguel Rodriguez,  Adele Azar-Rucqois and many others, more than 1000 others in fact have signed the petition.

But the man who knows the most is Mark Eliot who has devoted years of his life putting together the facts. To see details about the system, go to Floridians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty.  There you will see statistics on race, the impact on families of the victims and on the families of the person accused of the crime. You can compare costs between life in prison and execution. You'll find this and many other details at www.fadp.org/  Then read our petition and stand with us. Send the petition to all your friends and colleagues, co-workers and neighbors. Encourage them not just to sign but to pass it on.

Here's the link:   http://signon.org/sign/the-death-penalty-in?mailing_id=10132&source=s.icn.em.cr&r_by=742810

Blessings on us all--
Penny Villegas and friends  

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